We help clients navigate complex or challenging situations and achieve their goals.
The exact nature of these services will depend on the specific situation and the expertise of the fixer in question.

We fix problems

We provide services to individuals and organizations to help them navigate a particularly complex situation or problem. We use our knowledge, experience, skills, and connections to resolve the issue at hand.


We negotiate complex deals on behalf of our clients. This way we help them resolve disputes or secure favourable outcomes in business, personal deals or other complex situations.


We help clients with logistical challenges in difficult situations. We have the ability and experience to navigate complex bureaucratic processes in particularly challenging places to achieve fast and reliable solutions.


In some cases, we may provide security services, such as arranging for personal protection or ensuring the safety of an event or location.

Information gathering

We may collect information, whether through research or personal connections and use this information to help clients make informed decisions or resolve problems.

Crisis management

We specialize in helping clients manage crises when facing the most complex situations. We make sure things are kept under control when facing natural disasters, political upheavals, or legal disputes.